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We understand how to prepare and file cases to ensure the greatest chance of a successful outcome for our clients. Ellis Immigration Law does this through our experience, knowledge, sound strategies, and using inspired client collaboration. We are different than other firms because we provide personal service and handle a wide range of cases.  We set high standards for our work and the delivery of every service we provide.  In both straightforward and non-routine cases, Lisa provides thoughtful, straightforward and upfront advice to help clients make informed decisions. 

Advancing Strong Cases

We are dedicated to advancing strong cases by knowledgeably advising clients and thoughtfully preparing supporting documents. Clients can expect to receive top-notch representation, prompt responses to inquiries, and have Attorney Lisa Ellis be their primary contact to assist them throughout their case.  We  provide personalized attention to clients to help clients each step of the way. Experienced representation makes a difference in a case and the lack of it can be detrimental to the case outcome.  Clients can count on us to diligently represent them through the challenges of the immigration system, estate planning and probate processes.

Working With You

Our clients come from all over the world.  From straightforward to complex cases, there are some common threads.  Our principles drive us to provide practical and innovative solutions to advance cases, diligent representation for our clients, high quality work for best results, and excellent service to our clients.  We offer a customized approach to meet the needs of our clients.

We continually strive to provide the best value and service to our clients. We do this in several ways. By structuring our office around client needs, we do not carry the overhead of a larger firm, and we can provide both high-quality work and excellent client service at rates that are reasonable to our experience levels.   We offer both flat and hourly fees.  In the work we do and the way it is accomplished, we work closely with our clients to provide the best results possible.

Our Experience

Lisa has seventeen years of experience and our paralegal has over 30 years of experience to offer high quality services and broad expertise to our clients.  The experience we bring to our clients is intentionally well-rounded, encompassing work in both the executive and judiciary branches of federal government.  Lisa started her career as an Attorney Advisor for the Executive Office for Immigration Review and as a Judicial Law Clerk for the Hon. Robert H. Whaley in the U.S. District Court in Spokane, Washington.  Lisa has also sharpened her skills for many years as an associate practicing immigration law exclusively at a multi-service law firm before starting her firm.  Her unique background sets us apart from lawyers at other firms and provides sound and informed judgment when navigating the immigration system for our clients.


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Advancing Strong Cases