Praise for Visa Solutions for International Students, Scholars and Sponsors:


Very Helpful

“This is the book I’ve been looking for!!!! Goes into details about the process of the application. What to do before you apply to prepare and how to keep in good standings. I highly recommend this book.”

Amazon Customer    August 11, 2014

A great introduction to academic immigration

“As someone who has work in immigration for over eight years and in academic immigration for just one, I think this book is the best basic academic immigration guide I’ve seen. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone thinking of coming to the U.S. as a student or an exchange scholar, as well as to international student/scholar advisors and in-house immigration counsel at educational institutions”

Ueowen      April 17, 2014

Easy to understand

U.S. student visa rules are complex. When I came to study in USA, I had to struggle to find the right information about attending F-1 visa interview. I wish this book was available few years back.

Take time to read and understand the rules of student visa from this book. All the complex laws are explained in simple English.

R.S.      February 12, 2013

First book of this kind for Student Visa Issues – Must Read

“I’m writing this review based on my experience as a Higher Ed blogger. After reviewing and publishing few thousand articles U.S.A college admission, F1 visa interview, Port of entry, CPT and OPT Guide, I can say that this book is first of its kind. Information presented in this book is directly from an Immigration Attorney’s and DSO’s. It will cost you hundreds of dollars in consulting fees to get the same exact information directly from an attorney via consultation.

If you an prospective student planning to study in USA, then this book is MUST BUY. You will get a complete overview about F1 Visa rules and regulation. You will find reference to actual official F1 Visa law language and how visa officers are supposed to interpret the law and interview the students. You can also learn about how to get visa for lesser know college or university.

Attorneys and DSO’s then go on to explain how to handle port of entry, maintaining legal status in USA, rules related to working while in CPT and OPT for F1 students.

I have seen several students struggle to get the right information about F1 Visa rules in USA. Instead of spending several hours in various forums, buy this book. You can use this as reference to get educated about USA student visa procedures.

R.S.      January 28, 2013

Available exclusively on in Kindle and paperback.  All author proceeds are donated to ReadRight at Garfield High School, a literacy program in Seattle, Washington.